Hints and manuals

On this page we provide you with the following hints about our online learning system CLICK & LEARN 360° online. Simply click through the following selection to get more information.


  1. Open your Internet browser, enter www.click-learn.de.
  2. Click on „Login for student drivers“.
  3. Now click on „Register“.
  4. A window will open where you should enter the following information:
    • Username (you can choose freely),
    • first name,
    • surname,
    • password (twice, you can choose freely)
    • and your license code, which is printed on the inside of the CLICK & LEARN 360° online cover.
    • After entering the license code, click on „Check“.
  1. If you have received a driving school code from your driving school, please enter it in the „Driving school code“ field. If you have not received one, simply leave the field empty.
  2. Now check the box in front of „I accept the privacy policy“, with which you confirm that you have read and accepted the privacy policy.
  3. Confirm the registration by clicking on „Send“.
  4. Immediately after registration, you can print out your access data sheet. Please remember this information carefully to avoid problems later when logging in.


Do you not have any access data yet? Then you must first register.
If you have already received access data, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open your Internet browser, enter www.click-learn.info.
  2. Enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields.
  3. Click on „Send“ to confirm the registration.
360° online Login

To access CLICK & LEARN 360° online more quickly, you can set up a shortcut on your desktop:

  1. Right-click on a free space on your desktop and select „New“ – „Shortcut“.
  2. In the window that now appears, enter the following address: www.click-learn.info.
  3. Then you can give the shortcut a name, e.g. „CLICK & LEARN“.

Now you have created a shortcut to CLICK & LEARN 360° online on your desktop and can quickly access the learning platform.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, you can set a new one.

  1. Open your internet browser, enter www.click-learn.de.
  2. Click on „Login for student drivers“.
  3. Click on „Forgot your password“.
  4. Enter your license code.
  5. Calculate the result for the math problem at the bottom right and enter it in the space provided.
  6. Click on „Send“ to be able to assign a new password.
  7. Now enter the new password in the two fields.
  8. Then click on „Change password“, you will receive a message that the password has been changed.
  9. You can now log in with the new password.
360° online Passwort vergessen

First steps

After your first login to CLICK & LEARN 360° online, you will be taken directly to the „Manage Account“ section.
The first steps for CLICK & LEARN 360° online are:

  • Set feedback frequency: Set „Feedback after“ after how many questions within a questionnaire you would like to receive feedback on how many questions you answered correctly and incorrectly. You can set whether you want to receive the feedback after 10, 20, 30 questions or not at all.
  • Language setting: The next setting you should make is the language. If you only want to learn in German, you can skip this setting, but if you want to learn in a foreign language, select the correct language in the flag selection. The language changes as soon as you leave the „Manage account“ area.Note: This setting is only possible if you have the „CLICK & LEARN 360° online BASIC foreign language“ or „CLICK & LEARN 360° online PREMIUM“ version.
  • Class selection: After you have selected the language, you should indicate the class or classes for which you would like to acquire the driver’s license.Please distinguish here between initial acquisition and extension.
  • First time purchase: you do not yet have a driver’s license
  • Extension: You already have a driver’s license, which you now want to extend by another class/classes.

Now you have successfully completed the first steps and can start learning for your driver’s license online with CLICK & LEARN 360°. We wish you every success in the process!

Video questions

The video sequences are included in a wide range of topics. In the official theoretical driving test, you will receive the animated questions in addition to the questions with picture or without graphic representation.

In order to prepare yourself optimally for the exam, you have the possibility to practice the animated questions in your learning software CLICK & LEARN 360° online.
To do this, go to the „Question filter“ button in the main menu and select the Video questions field. Once you have selected the field, you can start with the first question.

You start the video with the Start movie button or by clicking directly on the start image on the left side. To the right of this is a counter indicating how many times you can play the video (max. five repetitions up to the question). If you are sure that you have found all relevant information, you can click on the button „to the task“ to call up the question belonging to the film. After you have switched to the task, you cannot call up the film again. This is only possible again when you reopen the „Practice questions with animation“ question filter.

Important: Pay attention to any peculiarities you may notice during the film and watch the video once more.

Overview learning opportunities

  • Start with the „Learning by topic“ section. It is best to work through the respective topic in the textbook in parallel.
  • Deepen your knowledge by means of the „flashcard“, you have to get all questions in the fifth box.
  • Check your knowledge by means of „Simulate exam“. However, your learning statistics should show a certain percentage.
  • If you want to learn a very specific type of questions, for example the traffic sign or number questions, then select the „Question filter“ in the main menu.There you have several options:
    • Search for a question in the question catalog: „Search“.
    • Call up only the traffic sign questions: „Traffic sign“.
    • Call incorrectly answered questions: „Practice incorrect questions“.
    • Call up marked questions: „Practice marked questions“.
    • Call up only the picture questions: „Picture questions“.
    • Call up only the questions with videos: „video questions
    • Access only the number questions: „Number questions“.
    • Access questions that were added with the last update: „new questions“
    • Generate a questionnaire containing 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 randomly selected questions: „Random questions“.
    • If you would like to get more detailed information on a question and the corresponding topic, you can pick up your accompanying book or simply select the „Textbook“ button at the bottom of the question screen. There you will get an overview of the textbook way, click on one of these links and you will immediately get to the eBook version of your book, saving you tedious searching and browsing.

Explanation of the question screen

The question screen is divided into three areas:

  • In the header you can see the name of the topic, your name and the error score. Optionally, you can also change the language.
  • In the middle area, you will see the question, a corresponding picture if applicable, and the answers.
  • In the footer you can navigate via buttons, call up a comment and textbook references, as well as mark the question.

The following functions are available within the question screen:

  • Switching the language: if you have selected a foreign language, you can switch between German and the selected foreign language using the flag symbols (note: this setting is only possible if you have the „CLICK & LEARN 360° online BASIC foreign language“ or „CLICK & LEARN 360° online PREMIUM“ version).
  • Sound recording of the questions and answers: click on the respective text to have it read out to you (note: the sound recording is only available in German)
  • Enlarge the image: click on the image (if the question contains an image), click on it again to reduce it again
  • Answer the question: click in the respective field in front of the answer, or enter the correct number
  • Comment: use this button to call up an explanatory comment text (only in German)
  • Go to: you have the possibility to select questions directly. In the list you can see already edited questions as well as marked questions.
  • Textbook: with this button you can display textbook references. References with the addition „Call e-book“ lead directly to the deposited e-book to the respective page.
  • Mark: if you want to call up a question at a later time, you can mark it. Using the question filter „marked questions“ you can call up marked questions directly.

Learning by topics

Select this area of CLICK & LEARN 360° online to learn the questions sorted by the teaching topics. You will find this topic structure in the same form in the DEGENER textbooks, this guarantees you optimal cross-media learning.

In addition, you can also display the questions sorted by official topics. To do this, simply select „Official topics“ from the drop-down menu at the top.

Clicking on a topic immediately starts the question mode, in which you will be asked all questions of the respective topic and can answer them one after the other.

Flashcard file

Note: This function is only available in the CLICK & LEARN 360° PREMIUM version.

The flashcard is the optimal learning mode to work through all questions in a structured way and also to retain them.

The way the flashcard works is comparable to a card index:

  • At the beginning, all questions are in Box 1
  • If you answer questions correctly, they move to one of the following boxes, depending on the number of error points.
  • 2 and 3 failure points: the question jumps two boxes further if answered correctly, and two boxes back if answered incorrectly.
  • 4 failure points: if the answer is correct, the question jumps two boxes and then one box further; if the answer is incorrect, the question jumps back again.
  • 5 failure points: the question jumps one box forward if answered correctly, and one box back if answered incorrectly.

The goal of the flashcard is to answer all questions correctly several times, so that at the end you will find all questions in box 5.

Of course, you don’t have to work through all the questions at once, your progress is always saved and you can continue learning with another box the next time there are questions in that box.

Even if you learn in the „Learning by topics“ area, or perform an exam simulation, this has an effect on the flashcard, the questions then also move through the boxes, as is the case in the flashcard.

If you work on questions within the flashcard, the result flows into the learning statistics.

The exam screen

The official exam screen is divided into different areas. In addition to the picture/video, the question and the answers to be checked, the aspired driving license classes (here: basic, B, A) as well as the number of answered and open questions (in the lower area) are displayed.
The buttons at the bottom right are self-explanatory: „Submit, Mark and Continue“.
The button VEHICLE calls up additional information on the vehicle to which the question refers (e.g. „combustion engine“, „manual transmission“).

For most tasks, you do not need to pay further attention to the characteristics of the reference vehicle (e.g. „What does this road sign mean?“).
If they are important for the answer, the text of the question indicates deviations from the standard (e.g. „You drive a vehicle with electric drive“).
If no specific vehicle characteristics are mentioned in the examination tasks, the following general characteristics of „your vehicle“ (reference vehicle) apply.

The general vehicle characteristics are, sorted by examination task area, in the

  • Basic material (including moped):
    Motor vehicle with internal combustion engine.
  • Additional material driving license classes A, A2, A1:
    single-track motorcycle (without sidecar), with internal combustion engine, with manual transmission and with the obligation to wear a safety helmet.
  • Additional substance of driving license classes B, C1, D1:
    two-track motor vehicle with internal combustion engine, with manual transmission and with automatic anti-lock braking system (ABV).
  • Additional substance of driver’s license classes C, CE, D:
    two-lane motor vehicle with internal combustion engine, with automatic transmission and with automatic anti-lock braking system (anti-lock braking system).
  • Additive of driving license class T:
    two-track motor vehicle with internal combustion engine and with automatic transmission.
  • Additional substance of driving license class L:
    two-lane motor vehicle with internal combustion engine and with manual transmission.
  • Substance for driving license class AM and test certificate for driving mopeds and two- and three-wheeled motor vehicles up to 25 km/h:
    single-track motorcycle with internal combustion engine, with automatic transmission and with the obligation to wear a protective helmet.

Simulate exam

In the „Simulate exam“ section, you can check your knowledge level at any time. However, we recommend that you first work through a few questions in the „Learn by topic“ or „Flashcard“ sections.

The composition of an exam simulation is done according to official specifications, i.e. all questions are combined according to the official weighting, just as it is the case in the exam at the TÜV.

At the end of each exam simulation, you will receive an overview of the exam result. You can see how many questions you answered correctly and how many you answered incorrectly. Furthermore, the question numbers of the incorrectly answered questions are displayed, a click calls up the questions directly. You get the evaluation of the error points and of course you can see if you passed or failed the exam.

The results of the exam simulation are included in the learning statistics.

Question filter

Via „Question filter“ in the main menu you get the possibility to filter all questions according to different criteria.

  1. Search: with the search you can search by the question number as well as by the text of the question and the answers.
  2. Traffic sign: all traffic sign questions are presented to you.
  3. Wrong questions: call this filter if you want to redo all the questions you answered wrongly in the „Learn by topics“, „Flashcard“ or „Simulate exam“ section.
  4. Marked questions: with this filter you can view and answer all the questions you marked.
  5. Practice picture questions: all picture questions will be presented to you.
  6. Video questions: with this filter you can selectively call up all questions with a video, so-called „moving situation representations“.
  7. Practice number questions: all number questions will be presented to you
  8. New questions: this filter contains all questions that have been added with the last update
  9. Random questions: here you can generate a questionnaire containing 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 randomly selected questions.

Manage account

The menu item „Manage account“ hides all settings for CLICK & LEARN 360° online. Here you can make the following settings:

  • Change password
  • Set feedback frequency
  • Check license validity
  • Assignment to a driving school
  • Language settings
  • Class selection


This area gives you an immediate overview of your learning status. At a glance, you can see how far you are in the individual subject areas „Learning by subject“, „Flashcard“ and „Exam simulation“. The individual fields are marked with catchy colors depending on your progress: Red, Yellow and Green.

No matter in which learning area of CLICK & LEARN 360° online you learn, it always has an immediate effect on your learning statistics.

If you would like to get more detailed information on the individual fields, you can get it by clicking on the respective colored field or by selecting the respective menu item.